March Madness!

I love the seasons, especially the change of seasons.  And that’s a good thing because in the land of Oz we have our own brand of March Madness. This was what it was like last weekend (mid-March): Boy, I was ready!   Then last night . . .   something changed. Now I’ve got the madness . . .     Cabin Fever!   You don’t have to have a foot of snow to suffer the madness.  It can happen to anyone, so you may want to pay attention to . . . .   The Top Ten Signs of Cabin Fever   10. You get up at six in the morning to shovel snow just so the dog can go outside.   9. You turn on every light in the house and it isn’t enough.   8. You wish you were born a bear so you could hibernate all winter.   7. You realize the only television shows you’ve watched for the past month have had the word beach in the title.   6. You mistake your dog for a miniature abominable snowman.   5. You fantasize about all the ways you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows.   […]

Top Ten Science Fiction Novels I Love to Re-Read

Since I’m in a mild panic busy studying for my Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) certification, I decided I’d share a list of the top ten science fiction novels I love to re-read. I am deliberately excluding pure fantasy from this list.  Now, making this list was not easy.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of books to choose from.  Yes, I’ve read a lot of science fiction. Trying to narrow the list down to ten I learned a couple of things.  I’ve read a lot of what is considered classic science fiction, but there’s an awful lot that I’ve not read.  I’ve read many of the Nebula and Hugo award winners, but not nearly all of them.  And there are books that I like for specific reasons such as I love the characters, or the world, or the emotional feel of the book.  However, when push came to shove, some of the books are on my list because they spoke to me.  Sometimes, when I’m not burning a hole in my brain otherwise occupied, I may write lists of books with great characters, books with worlds and settings that felt real to me, or books that gave me […]