Sneak Peeks and Inside Writing the Books

This is where you’ll find sneak peeks and inside writing the books plus bits and pieces of the research, locations, and inspirations.

Image is an illustration of piece of notebook paper with a pencil and a magnifying glass on top of it. Lynette M. Burrows offers sneak peeks at her stories.

Inside My Soul to Keep

My debut novel, My Soul to Keep, is the story of a dystopian America that never entered World War II. It’s 1961. America’s a theocracy, and she doesn’t have a prayer.

How I Found My Cover Artist

Inspiration from Real-life, Heart-wrenching History

Inspiration from Real-life, Heart-wrenching History: Part II

Inspired by a Maximum Security Prison

Inspired on Location

9 Things Rarely Seen Today (Except in my Novel)

When is a Clone Not a Clone

Book Cover Reveal: My Soul to Keep

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If I Should Die, book two of the Fellowship Dystopia

Sneak Peaks include video readings. Chapter One. Links at the end of each chapter lead to the next sneak peek.

Character reveals are looks at the personalities of the primary characters of this book. Miranda.

Inside Paladina, a work-in-progress

Paladina is about Rena, a half-breed protection specialist, sworn to protect the secret artifact of a tiny Greek village. She discovers the townspeople are pawns of treasure-hunting alien knights whose game pits her against her resurrected brother.

Happy Rodents and a Lucky Snippet

Greek for a Day

The Stranger’s Message

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Inside The White Box stories

Written in collaboration with Rob Chilson, these stories were published in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Magazine in the mid-to late 1980s.

An Idea That Grew Into a Story

Friday Fiction Sample: The White Hope

Inside The Repairmen, a novelette

Sneak Peek at the Repairmen

Inside a Work-in-Progress titled, Ian’s Trust

This was the earliest title for what became Fellowship.

Sneak Peek at Ian’s Trust

Short Shorts

The Yellow Rose of Valentine’s Day

A Growl in the Dark of the Night

All Systems Nominal

Gift of a Lifetime