Dream Fearlessly

Would you give up one Saturday to dream fearlessly? I’m taking inspiration from a project of the American Family Insurance company. The company partners with local charities across the United States of America on a project to support and/or better that community. You can learn more about there project here. Don’t worry. This isn’t an ad for an insurance company. I’m not affiliated with them nor am I promoting them. I love the concept, though.

Give up one Saturday to Dream Fearlessly. What could I do? What could you do? At first, I thought, I’m living my dream. I’m writing full-time. I don’t need to dream fearlessly. Did you think that, too? Or did you think, give up a Saturday? A whole Saturday? Just for a dream? Whoa to both those negative thoughts.

What does Dream Fearlessly mean?

In my opinion, it means step into your dream. Act as if it is real. Act as if you are the person who is going to make it. Even if your belief is a little shaky. Even if you have not the first clue how to make it happen.

Recently someone challenged me to examine one of my dreams. It was a dream I’d given up. I thought it would be too hard, take too long. I thought it would never happen. But the challenge upset me. I couldn’t let it go. So I looked more closely.  And I’m going for it.

Look at the dreams you have. Which one is closest to your heart? Can’t decide? Make a list of all the things you dream of. Beside each one write down all the pros and cons you can think of. If you are listening to your gut, you’ll feel it twinge or you’ll hear it start to sing. That’s the dream. The one you need to step into.

Would you give up one Saturday to Dream Fearlessly? I'm taking inspiration from a project of the American Family Insurance company.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Being a phrase from a Disney song doesn’t make it wrong. What’s the dream your heart makes? Have you taken steps toward that dream this day? This week? This month? Big steps, little steps, they all add up. It’s the taking action. It’s okay to be scared.

Would you give up one Saturday to Dream Fearlessly? I'm taking inspiration from a project of the American Family Insurance company.

Belief and faith come in time. Act as if you believe. Act with the faith that it will happen. So if you haven’t acted on your dream lately. Give yourself a full day. Saturday, if that works for you. But one full day to plan, to organize, to research, to do whatever needs to be done so that you can take that next step. Believe enough to dream fearlessly. Have enough faith that you will dedicate a whole day to it.

What do you dream fearlessly about? How are you going to step into that dream?

Don’t Wait for the Storm to Pass

We all have challenges in life whether it is just getting through a bad day or getting through months of illness or a lifetime of grief. Don’t wait for the storm to pass. Our mission is to learn to dance in the rain. But dance in the rain doesn’t necessarily mean to literally dance.

Image courtesy of Heather on Flickr Creative Commons

In KM Huber’s blog, Aim for Even, she talks about how we humans try to stay in one moment even though that is impossible to do. Her dance in the rain is to be present.

Marie Forleo gives advice on how to Find the Courage to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up in this short video.

How can you learn to dance in the rain? Find that one thing you love and give yourself a few minutes just connecting to that thing you love. For me, if I spend a few minutes writing each day I’ve just danced in the rain. Another way I dance is to listen to beautiful music from one of my favorite groups, like Pentatonix.

Still need some inspiration to keep going? Read Are You Saying No to Success?

So if your life is a storm that takes your breath away, take a moment for yourself. If you’ve used that moment reading this blog I can only say I am honored. If you share something of how you dance in the rain in the comments below, I am blessed. Thank you.

The Wormhole of Wrecked Resolutions

Hello! I’m back from the wormhole of wrecked resolutions.


Well, I can’t blame you. I’ve been gone a long time. Where was I? I was lost in a wormhole.

unedited photo: Wormhole by Steve Moses via Flickr Creative Commons. https://www.flickr.com/photos/smoses/16997463929

According to space.com, a wormhole is a theoretic passage through time and space that could create shortcuts across the universe. This wormhole was first proposed by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in the theory of relativity. They thought of it as a bridge. Well, let me tell you, wormholes can have mighty long bridges. Life handed me a one-way ticket through a wormhole about two years ago.

Scientists speculate that it takes negative energy to keep a wormhole open. Check.  I’ve had my share of negative energy ranging from having to say goodbye to beloved pets to hated-but-required tasks of the day job, to housework (oh, the waste of time!), and the nightmare and heartache of a loved one’s life-limiting illness. My resolutions, my goals, slid out of sight as I trudged one foot in front of the other, trying to make it through to the other side of the wormhole.

Yet, in the quantum foam that formed my wormhole there existed moments of awesomeness. I attended a life-changing Master Immersion Class with Margie Lawson and participated in an online FAB 30 class. I experienced the joy of my son’s wedding, a grandson’s enthusiastic exploration of the day, critique partners who cheered me on in my writing journey, and quiet moments of tenderness with loved ones. But in my travels through the wormhole, I found I was missing something.

You see, when life handed me the ticket through the wormhole, I battened down the hatches to focus on two things: my writing and my family. I didn’t want to look back and regret not having been there for the moments my beloved and I had left.

Those moments have been precious. I wouldn’t trade any of them. Not even the “negative” ones for without them my “positive” moments would have been less shiny (and I do love shiny!) I will not ignore those moments ever again. I know that now. But in my anxiety to be certain I didn’t miss those, I missed a whole bunch of moments with you folk, my readers, classmates, and friends. My bad. My deepest apologies to all of you.

I’m still on that bridge through the wormhole. It’s not a flat bridge. It’s not a yellow-brick road to the land of Oz. There will be times when I post irregularly. But I won’t ignore the online moments anymore. My moments with you are a valued part of the wondrous trip through the wormhole we call life. I don’t want to miss any of them. 

Have you ever been lost in a wormhole? Please, take a moment and, in the comments below, share one of your wormhole moments.