help prevent sexual assault

Help Me Help Prevent Sexual Assault

It’s my birthday! It is appropriate that today I share information about the two organizations that are most important to me. One is a national organization that works on a large scale. The other is a local organization that gave me a stage upon which I could speak my truth at a time when that truth was raw and difficult. These organizations provide much-needed services to survivors of sexual assault. Will you help me help prevent sexual assault? Every 98 seconds, another person experiences sexual assault. Survivors of sexual assault are of all genders, races, religious affiliations, nationalities, and ages. Sexual violence includes child sexual abuse, rape, intimate partner sexual violence, and other crimes. Every 8 minutes a child is sexually assaulted in the U.S. 93 percent know their abuser. RAINN These statistics are from RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). It is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S. According to their website They have helped more than 2.7 million people since 1994. Think about that. They have helped more than 112,000 people per year for 24 years! RAINN operates a phone line and an online chat 24/7 for anyone who needs help because of sexual […]

What Is Bad Will Be Better Tomorrow

In my year-end review process I go through my old journals to get a sense of where I was last year and five years ago. It helps me to see what my goals were, what I’ve accomplished, and where my goals changed.  This year something I wrote five years ago, caught my attention. I don’t remember the details but can read between the lines. I had said something out loud about my dream of being a successful writer and it paralyzed me for a while. It’s been a rough year–again. But the little free verse that I wrote five years ago speaks to me today about more than my writing. What is bad, will be better tomorrow. I Dreamed and was Afraid I dreamed aloud today. I boasted of my writing abilities. And I grew afraid. I’m not that good. And I wasn’t. I dreamed a quiet dream. And I whispered I will try. And still I was afraid. But I tried. And words meandered across the page. I stopped dreaming. And I wrote. I was still afraid. But I did it anyway. And words marched and plodded and stumbled and fell. It wasn’t that good. But it was getting better. […]

Think You Know How to De-Stress? Here are fun ways to relax.

Think You Know How to De-Stress?

Do you think you know how to de-stress? You might, but I’m guessing you can power up your techniques for de-stressing. Read on to learn how to increase your resistance to stress and how to power destress when the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan. (If you missed last week’s post, start there. Does the End of the Year Stress You Out?) Increase Your Resistance to Stress Build a strong network of supportive friends and family. Isolation will increase your stress levels. Trust me, I know. But when you have people you can count on, people who have your back—life is a whole lot less stressful. Make time for lunch or coffee get-togethers with friends. It doesn’t have to be a two-hour lunch, even thirty minutes can boost your morale. Take control of the little things. Get more sleep, eat nutritious food, get exercise. Ask yourself what it is you need. Ask others for what you need if it’s in their power to give it to you such as asking your boss for different work hours. Keep a brag sheet. A brag sheet is a list of things you’ve done that made you feel proud and awesome. Review it to remind […]